One of the key goals of any start-up business it to successfully scale up, grow and take over an industry. Successful Scale-Ups have the potential to deliver up to 150,000 additional jobs and 225 billion pounds towards the UK GDP within the next 15 years improving UK’s economy.

What is a Scale-Up? A business that is looking to grow and expand in term of market access, employees, revenues, facilities or added value after successfully establishing at the Start-Up stage.

Why is it important? Even though your business might be doing well currently, it is important to plan for the future. A large number of UK start-ups fail within the first five years, one of the key reasons is inadequate future planning. Expansion and scaling up your business successfully can result in higher profits, better performance and create a growth-oriented organisation.

Learn more about scaling up your business from top industry experts at the Scaling Up to Growth Conference where speakers discuss key steps of identifying the right product setup for your business, targeting the most appropriate customer segment, and defining the best channel to serve the market to expand your business. 

May 23rd 2017 | Natwest/RBS | 250 Bishopgate | London

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Companies you will meet, include:


Companies like Seedrs, Market Invoice, London Stock Exchange, Silicon Valley Bank, PwC, NatWest, Crowdcube and many more will be at the Conference to teach you how to achieve growth within your business.



We have speakers like Anil Stocker from Market Invoice, Will Gibbs from Octopus Ventures, Paul Lantsbury from PwC and many others. Our speakers will guide you about Scaling Up and share useful insights, expertise and years of knowledge & experience about the business world to help you understand the growth opportunities for your start-up. 

Don’t miss this opportunity and join us for the BFS “Scaling Up to Growth” Conference on May 23rd! 



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