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The Business Funding Show Advance is a tailored solution for selected fundraising businesses.

What is BFS Advance?

If you’re serious about fundraising and running a scalable business with your competitive product or service that has proven market demand, then you might consider treating yourself with a bit more exclusivity when choosing which type of events to participate in.

Who is this for?

Our primary event of BFS Advance is pitching. With this meeting, it is just you and the funders. You will have 10 minutes to pitch your business, and the funders will have five minutes to provide feedback. Each funder will let us know if they would like to meet with you again, and we will help you arrange a meeting.

What is the event format?

BFS Advance events will feature a maximum of 18 strong businesses with a minimum of six carefully chosen investors to meet with them.

Who will be at the events?



Receive valuable face time with investors that are looking for businesses just like yours


Go over your business plan in detail


Get prompt and efficient feedback regarding future steps for your business


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How do I apply?

Our application process is open now! Simply fill out all necessary fields, and we will consult with you about which type of event is best for you at this stage.

There is an initial application fee of £50. If your application is successful, you will pay the remaining balance of £100. This fee includes:
·      A pitch deck assessment
·      Recruitment of relevant investors
·      Preparation and pre-event briefing
·      1-to-1 meeting arrangement
·      Follow-up with investors
·      A 25% discount on our pitch deck design service
·      A 20% discount on our fundraising strategy consulting service

If your application is not successful, you will be invited to join us at
our speed dating event!