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Funding matches is an online platform where founders can meet funders. This platform is connected to the Business Funding Show and is ideal for entrepreneurs seeking funding and investors looking for the perfect business to support. All BFC memberships grant access to Funding Matches.

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Show what investors want

Pitch Deck Design

Having trouble making your deck look as good as your product or service?After conducting extensive research, our pitch deck developers have gained the perfect understanding of what the funders are looking for in your deck. Receive a bespoke pitch deck that enables you to pitch the key areas and put your product or service across effectively.

Get your business on the right track


Our consulting service is designed to help you stay on the right track and secure your target market. You will have a 1-to-1 session where our specialised consultants will discuss and help enhance your business goals and formulate strategies that ensure sustainable growth.

Connect with the right people


Gain access to exclusive events including workshops, conferences along with an annual funding exhibition. Each event offers opportunities to network, gain valuable advise, showcase one's business and develop relations with powerful financiers.

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Get one step closer to funding

introduction to investors

Meet our exclusive network of high profile investors. This service will present you with opportunities to network, gain valuable feedback, build relations and establish your brand in front of the powerful financiers and financial institutions.

Learn more about your sector

Funding guides

Our well-researched and sector-specific funding guides comprise of industry research, case studies and investor profiles. Each guide explains the most popular types of funding within the industry, gives advice on how to choose the most effective route for your business type and provides tips helpful to acquire investments within your industry.

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